Uncle David


  1. Uncle David is a very old man.He is so old that he can hardly walk.
  2. His body is bent and his walk is very slow.He has a strong cane which he leans upon.
  3. Oh! how he trembles when he comes to see us.He shakes as if he were cold.But no; he is not cold.It is old age that makes him shake so.


  1. 大卫叔叔是一位很老的老人。他是那么的老,老得几乎不能走路。
  2. 他身体弯曲,步子非常缓慢。他有一根坚固的手杖赖以依靠。
  3. 噢!当他来看我们的时候,他颤抖得那么厉害。他发抖,好像他很冷似的。但不是的,他不是冷,是年老使他抖得这么厉害。